At Venture Church, we believe in creating ways to gather people together and grow them in a relationship with God and with others.

To accomplish this goal, we offer Growth Groups, Intensives, and Events, because we are convinced we really are better together.

Growth Groups

Growth groups are small groups of people meeting in and around Venture all year long. Along with our weekend services, groups are the core of our ministry. Groups include both our planned and promoted “traditonal” groups, as well as “organic” groups that spring up because of shared interest, common life stage or workplace, or other common denominators.

traditional groups:

These groups mostly follow our trimester system, with new groups launching in February, June or October and running for 10-12 weeks before concluding. Most traditional groups are between 5 to 15 people and meet on a weekly basis.

organic groups:

These groups spring up naturally. Three coworkers share lunch and their faith once a week at work, five friends push strollers and pray together while walking, four moms of school-aged kids meet together weekly to pray for their kids/ schools and the list goes on. This is people of faith, living out their faith, and inviting others to join them.
Need help choosing a group? Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us at the link above. We are happy to help you out!

interested in starting a group?


We understand that groups don’t work in every person's schedule in every season of life so we provide an alternative way to help grow and connect people-to-people through intensives. The subject matter of the intensives we offer is limitless (worship, anxiety, conflict resolution, finances, blended families, adoption, suicide prevention, grief, and any topic in the Bible or book of the Bible). These are open and advertised to our church and our community.  Depending on the type of content we will offer one of the following types of intensives:

Half-Day Intensives

(e.g. a Saturday morning overview of the book of John)

One-Day Intensives

(e.g. a full day training on leadership, financial planning or parenting how-tos)

Two-Day Intensives

(e.g. a two-day marriage intensive)


"i'm so glad i met you."

A large part of connecting people to people begins with gathering them together. Fun events give us a simple way to gather people into groups that are smaller than our weekly services and allow them to begin to connect to each other. Events cross all lines from gender to age to season of life, and are regularly advertised across all of our social media platforms.

check our calendar for upcoming Events & intensives:

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