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Venture has ministry happening all week long. In addition to our more prominent programs (for kids, youth, young adults, men and women), there is a ministry for every kind of person who is looking for a place to belong.

Check out some of our other incredible ministries at Venture below:

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Celebrate Recovery

Find Freedom From Your Hurts, Habits, & Hang-ups

Who We ARE

Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program that helps people overcome their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. 25 years ago, Saddleback Church launched Celebrate Recovery with 43 people. It was designed as a program to help those struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups by showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ through a recovery process. Celebrate Recovery is now in over 20,000 churches worldwide and has served millions seeking change in their lives.

No matter if you struggle with grief, loss, addiction, legalism, codependency or the pain of broken relationships, Celebrate Recovery is for you. Celebrate Recovery is a vehicle to engage and walk with the Gospel in your life in an intentional way while becoming part of a community that will walk the path with you.

Elementary aged childcare is provided.

What We do

Celebrate Recovery meets on Mondays at our Central Campus in Mill Creek

6 PM | Dinner/Fellowship
7 PM | Worship/Teaching
8 PM | Small Groups


Ann Hopkins

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” -George Iles

Life is messy. People are broken. Sometimes we just feel overwhelmed and not sure where to turn or what to do.
When challenging situations are ignored or overlooked, we become discouraged, hurt and weary and our relationships suffer.
Therapy can be the place where healing begins. We can work together to apply your strengths amd progress to your goals. There is hope.
Venture Church partners with Hope for Healing Counseling, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Ann Hopkins, to offer individual, couple and family Christian counseling through our Central Campus location.
Ann is currently seeing clients in-person and via telehealth.

Her Choice to Heal

who we are

What do 25% of American women have in common? They’ve had an abortion. Many are silent - filled with shame, grief and guilt; afraid of judgement and condemnation, but peace is attainable. Learn to surrender shame and find emotional and spiritual healing after an abortion.

what we do


We reguarly offer groups designed specifically for those looking to surrender shame and find emotionl and spiritual healing after an abortion, even if it is years later. Visit our Groups page and search for "Her Choice to Heal."


We also offer support in group settings or one on one for those who are looking for hope from someone who has worked their way through abortion. Your privacy is of utmost concern, so please contact Rhoda directly at the email or number below.

Venture Interns

who we Are:

Venture Internship (VI) exists to develop servant-hearted, Biblically-literate, and spiritually disciplined leaders who are prepared for both vocational ministry and life outside of it.

passionate followers of jesus

- Study the entire Bible over the course of 2 years
- Gain an understanding & love for God’s Word
- Grow in faith & relationship with Jesus


- Understand culture & how it affects the church
- Learn how the church can impact the culture
- Grow in practical & ministerial leadership
- Serve the local church & community

northwest university students

Venture Internship has strategically partnered with Northwest University (NU) in order to provide students with an excellent Christian education.


who we Are

We are committed to building healthy marriages because healthy marriages are a critical piece of a thriving church!

what we do


Getting married soon?
We provide a 6-week intensive pre-marriage course designed to  give couples the tools to build strong, healthy, God-honoring marriages. Couples will focus on building skills in:  healthy communication, conflict-resolution, finances and physical intimacy. 


Need some help?
 In addition to coaching our pre-marriage couples, our marriage mentors are committed to coming alongside marriages that need  help getting through an area of struggle or conflict.
For marriages needing ongoing or in depth support, we are happy to refer you to a Christian therapist in the area with the training to serve you best.

for marriage

Interested in building a stronger marriage?
These resources are recommended for you to gain insight, grow in intimacy, tackle common issues and grow in how you view each other and your marriage.  


Venture Vets works to reestablish community, hope, and purpose among local veterans through the foundation of faith. 


Venture Vets is for all veterans and active duty military personnel.


1.  Host weekly meetings in a local church.
2.  Get together for fun social activities throughout the year.
3.  Host big annual events


Join us for our weekly meeting at Venture Church in Millcreek at 6:30pm.
- Except on the 4th Thursday of the month when we serve at COGIR Senior Living Center in Mill Creek. 


The meeting last about two-hours.
-  It begins with 30-minutes of coffee and socializing.
-  A super practical lesson.
-  Discussion on lesson and vet issues  


We were made to worship

At Venture, we believe that when we worship  we create  space for God to move in our lives. When we worship, we experience God's presence, power and love. We desire to be people who worship in all circumstances and who expect God to show up.


Join the Worship Team

If you are a musician or vocalist and are interested in joining Venture's worship  team, please click the "Join the Team" link so we can send instructions on how to submit a simple audition video.

Young Couples

who we are

We are a ministry intent on building community with young married and engaged couples in their 20s-30s.


Our Mission is to build a thriving community of couples.
We aim to actively connect Young Couples in an environment where they develop real community with other couples, grow more closely as spouses, and become leaders in our community.
Our Vision for the ministry is fourfold:
  1. Connection:  A place for married and engaged couples in their 20s-30s to connect with others beyond just on Sundays.
  2.  Growth:  A place to learn from others with more wisdom than you in marriage.
  3.  Investment:  God calls us not just to learn, but also to invest in others, helping them grow while walking beside them in life.
  4.  Fun:  Last but not least, our fourth spoke - while we care lots about connecting on a deep level,   growing, and pouring into others.  We're also here to have lots of fun together!  A huge part of our personality is fun and lighthearted so we bring that forward from time to time! 
We're focused on engaging with three groups of people:
Engaged:  We'd love to connect with you if you're engaged.
Couples with kids:  Have kids?  That's okay!  We'd still love to see you at our ministry.
Couples without kids:  Of course, we're also here for you if you're married and without kids!




We gather on the 1st and 3rd  Sunday of the month at 9:00AM and then attend the 10:00AM service together!  What we do during gatherings looks different every week!
Sometimes we get serious and invite professionals to speak about mental health and finances or we bring in members of our Legacies group who have been married for 30+ years to offer wisdom.  Other weeks, we might have a coffee bar, games or a breakfast together!
We host a number of events as well.  We have quarterly date nights where we invite young couples to all go out together.  We also host other events from time to time such as BBQs, lake days, outdoor movie nights, and more.  Please join our group to stay in the loop!