3524 NE 95th St
Seattle, WA 98115


We are a diverse community, gathered across many locations, made up of all kinds of cultures, races and socio-economic backgrounds. But we are united in what counts: We are a family of believers who rally around the mission of Jesus Christ, are devoted to authentic community, and living out the practices of Jesus Christ.


You should expect some noise and energy.
You should expect normal people. There is no dress code - everyone comes as they are comfortable. You should expect us to be friendly. It’s just part of our culture; normal people who are glad you have joined us. Expect to meet God here. It’s the whole reason we exist. If you are looking for answers, we believe Venture Church is a great place to find them in Jesus. And you can expect fun, secure spaces for your children, as well as, well trained and prepared staff.


At Venture we strive to make every guest who walks through our doors seen and known. We will go out of our way to introduce ourselves and get to know you. You can easily get connected by a team member in our lobby and by also attending our dinner parties. Dinner parties occur after each service all throughout the city. Dinner parties are where people come together to share a meal and simply have community. We hope to see you at a dinner party!

Let's get together.

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