1.   Don't Start at the Beginning

Trust Us!

2.   Begin in the Book of Matthew

Look at the Table of Contents in the front of the Bible & notice how it divides the Bible into the Old Testament & the New Testament. Whats's the difference between them:
Old Testament- Everything before Jesus
New Testament- Everything from Jesus' birth  and after he was resurrected.

3.    Read 1 Chapter a Day

Take time to slowly read to enjoy the Bible. Think about it as an incredibly delicious meal; you want to savor every bite and flavor, not rush through it. Starting with smaller chunks of the Bible will help you better "digest" what it is saying to you.

So what is a chapter? What is a verse?
- The chapter reference is the larger number on the page
- The verse reference is the smaller (to the left of the words in the text)

If you read something that stands out to you, pause and reflect on the scripture (see SOAP method below). Highlight or underline the verse--it is okay to write in your Bible.

If you feel inclined to read another chapter, go ahead, but remember faith isn't a race. Pace yourself, it takes time to develop this new habit of reading your Bible.

4.   Keep Reading 1 Chapter at a Time Until You Finish Matthew

...And then read the next book (and so forth, until you get to Revelation).

The first 4 books of the New Testament that you will read (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) are called the Gospels. Each of these books tells the story of Jesus' life from a different perspective.

Once you get to Revelation, go back to the beginning of the Bible (where we told you not to start). Read each book of the Old Testament, starting in Genesis, with the perspective that everything points to Jesus.

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A popular method of Bible reflection is called "SOAP."


Write down the scripture that stood out to you from what you read.


What stood out to you about this scripture?


How can you apply this scripture to your life?


Write out a prayer, or take time to pray about this scripture and it's application in your life.

Questions about your Bible?