wholistic training for a life of leadership

Venture Internship exists to develop servant hearted, Biblically-literate, and spiritually disciplined leaders. We want to prepare leaders not just for church ministry but any vocation to which they are called.

why choose venture internship?

• Mix of classroom and hands-on learning and experience
•  One-on-one training from experienced pastors
• Affordability: It is 1/3 of the cost of any University in the state of Washington
• Develop personal leadership skills (personal mission statement, core values, spiritual disciplines, personality & enneagram training)
• Develop college life skills (organization, time management, perseverance, conflict management)
• Develop independent living skills (budgeting, dating,  resume building & interviewing)
• Build lifelong relationships- You will do life with a core group of students, taking in the same classes and growing together in faith.


• If you are someone who desires to get their college degree through NU but do not want to do our in-person internship program, we have an option for you
•  Our NPP Flex program allows those who cannot do the in-person internship to still get their college degree without doing the in-person option
• Simply apply to Northwest University Partnership Program, choose the semester you want to apply for, and click "Venture Church" as the church partner
• You now are considered an "NPP Intern", meaning you get college at 1/3rd of the cost, without actually doing the in-person internship
• NU just requires that you serve regularly at Venture Church and attend services regularly
• This program is perfect for working moms or dads,  people who are outside of the traditional "18-22 year-old college range", grandparents, students who work full-time but want an education, etc. 

quality affordable education

Learn | Train | Lead | Run

Venture Internship has strategically partnered with Northwest University (NU) in order to provide you with an excellent education from an accredited university. As a student in our program you will have many of the perks that come from being a NU student at a fraction of the cost. These include: use of NU library and its resources, the office of student success, tutoring and it’s professional writing center. In addition, your courses are transferrable because the same organization that accredits UW, WSU, WWU, and all major universities also accredits NU.


2 Year Track

Students graduate with an Associate of Arts degree from NU and 2 years of practical ministry experience and discipleship as a Venture Intern. This track is for anyone, whether desiring a job in ministry or just wanting to pursue an education with a focus on building a strong relationship with Jesus.

Degree Options:
• Associate in Arts
• Associate in Ministry Leadership

4 Year Track

Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from NU in one of twelve degree options which are listed below. This track is built for the student who would like to pursue vocational ministry. VI intends to every student who completes the 4 year track find a ministry position.

Degree Options:
• Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
• Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
• Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership
• Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership
• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Free College Credit for Hands-On Ministry Training

Venture Intern Practicum Tracks






venture internship alumni

Graduating to Greatness.

Over the years, Venture  has graduated 40+ students with an AA and/or BA degree. Venture Internship alumni have transferred onto University campuses across the country (including NU, Vanguard, Grand Canyon University, WSU, etc). They have then gone on to join the Peace Corp, work in Fortune 500 companies, start businesses, gone onto the mission field, become real estate agents, teach, and serve on staff at a church.

For  more information, or to begin the application process, please contact us!