ATTENDERS commit with time.

OWNERS commit with time, talents, and their first 10%.

PARTNERS commit with extravagant generosity for the sake of mission.

WHAT is partner?

As Venture Church continues to grow, we want our capacity to advance Kingdom mission to grow as well. Partner is the financial engine that helps us accomplish this huge endeavor. Partner streamlines your "above-and-beyond the tithe" giving to strategically further mission in 4 key areas, which we call the Cornerstones of Partner.. 

Through your generosity, Partner aims  for Kingdom advancement in REACH (missions), Church Ministry, Expansion and Marketplace Ministry.  

WHere do partner resources go?

All Partner generosity goes directly toward Kingdom impact through one of our cornerstones. Under Partner, each cornerstone has a formal annual budget which allows the pastors and ministry leaders of these cornerstones to advance the vision for their ministry confidently, knowing they have the financial backing to support. The allocation of Partner generosity is also prioritized based on obligations and donor intent, for instance, we will always honor our commitments to our local and global missionaries first. 

Whether you are looking to support our ministries, missions, or capital projects, Partner streamlines the giving process.

Please watch the video below from our CFO Alex McGregor for deeper dive into Partner:

"I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ."

                                       ~ Philemon 1:6

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